Specialty Repairs

See Some of the work from Volkwein’s Music

Here are some repairs that you might not have expected Volkwein’s Music can handle for you. Are large facilities allow us to repair some instruments that you may think are unable to be repaired. Most instruments are able to be repaired and with our high quality of work you may never know they were ever damaged.

Tenon Grafts and Replacements

Plating and Refinishing

Artisan and Professional Repairs

The highest quality of repair is essential for the optimum performance of both students and professionals. Volkwein’s Music is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of musical instrument maintenance and guidance in solving technical problems that arise in performance at all musical levels. We attain these goals by staffing our shop with the finest repair technicians available, people who are also accomplished musicians, and providing a state of the art repair facility.

These combined factors allow Volkwein’s Music to service your needs, from minor repairs to complete overhauls, with the same promptness, courtesy and quality. As always, our service is guaranteed. Please allow Volkwein’s Music to handle your repair needs.