Instrument Repair Department

The highest quality of repair is essential for the optimum performance of both students and professionals.  Volkwein’s Music is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of musical instrument maintenance and guidance in solving technical problems that arise in performance at all musical levels.  We attain these goals by staffing our shop with the finest repair technicians available, people who are also accomplished musicians, and providing a state of the art repair facility. 

These combined factors allow Volkwein’s Music to service your needs, from minor repairs to complete overhauls, with the same promptness, courtesy and quality.  As always, our service is guaranteed. Please allow Volkwein’s Music to handle your repair needs.

Our Services

Volkwein’s Music boasts a large repair center of 15 repair specialists who repair strings, brasswind, woodwind, and percussion musical instruments.  Our facilities allow our staff to perform everything from small repairs to complete overhauls on location so you can feel confident that your instrument will receive the highest quality repairs.  We provide all of our repair services in house which keeps our repair prices affordable.

Volkwein’s Repair Center uses only the highest quality parts for your repairs.  For clarinet, flute and piccolo repairs, we use a high quality double bladder pad with the perfect size and thickness for your specific instrument.  These pads provide long life because of the double layer of bladder.  Our saxophone pads are made of looped felt with the highest quality leather for long life.  All of our brass repair felts and water key pads/corks are fitted to be the right size for perfect valve alignment.  Our repair centers have extensive inventories of parts in stock so you rarely have to wait for parts orders.

For any inquiries, or to check on the status of a repair, please include any relevant information and Send Us a Message or call 412.788.5900 x606