York Cornet custom overhaul

The cornet on the right is the original horn. On the left is the donor cornet.
The bell had been buffed one to many times and was paper thin. You could dent the bell with your hands. So we took the bell from the donor horn.
The donor horn in pieces.
As you can see in this picture the leadpipe is full of red rot making it extremely brittle. So the donor horn comes through again.
The “new” leadpipe has been soldered on. The bell on the left will be soldered on next. The right is the original bell.
Here is the fully assembled cornet. It has also been stripped of its lacquer.
We did a custom bead blast finish on the majority of the cornet to give it a satin look. It will also have high polish accents. Next step…silver plating!
We silver plated the entire cornet. The water keys, top/bottom caps and the finger buttons were all done in black nickel as accent pieces.
We could not leave the mouthpiece out. Silver plated with black nickel.
The finger buttons got custom epoxy pearls!
This was a fun project and the York Cornet looks and sounds incredible!

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