Trombone Services

Small Repairs

*all prices are starting prices and subject to change


Solder — $15.00

Silver Solder — $25.00

Clean and Service

included: disassemble, chemically clean the body, oil the valves and slides, adjust the instrument.


Lacquer Body — $95.00

F-Attachment — $120.00

Includes valve adjustments

Marching Horn — $100.00

Silver Body — $135.00

Includes polishing 


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Replating Mouthpiece

there may be extra fees if the metal needs preparations for plating (dents, corrosion scratches)

Nickel — $37.50

Silver — $40.00

Gold — $48.00

Silver/Gold — $75.50

(A silver base will need to be in good condition to gold plate.)


All other small repairs need to be estimated: dent work, small adjustments, replacing valve springs, corks and clean. Estimates are free and will be done while you wait.