Trombone Repair Services

Small Repairs

*all prices are starting prices and subject to change


Solder — $15.00

Silver Solder — $25.00

Clean and Service

included: disassemble, chemically clean the body, oil the valves and slides, adjust the instrument.


Lacquer Body — $95.00

F-Attachment — $120.00

Includes valve adjustments

Marching Horn — $100.00

Silver Body — $135.00

Includes polishing 


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Replating Mouthpiece

there may be extra fees if the metal needs preparations for plating (dents, corrosion scratches)

Nickel — $37.50

Silver — $40.00

Gold — $48.00

Silver/Gold — $75.50

(A silver base will need to be in good condition to gold plate.)


All other small repairs need to be estimated: dent work, small adjustments, replacing valve springs, corks and clean. Estimates are free and will be done while you wait.

Trombone Repair Services


*all prices are starting prices and subject to change

Replating and Refinishing Body and Keys

We can provide a verity of plating and refinishing options to restore you instrument to its original from the factory finish and we also provide many custom finishes to add you own look to your instrument. Some of the finishes we provide are clear/colored lacquers, silver, gold, rose gold, copper, nickel, black nickel, antique finishes, brushed finishes and satin finishes.


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Instrument we’ve worked on.

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