Tips on Avoiding Trouble with a Flute

many troubles can be avoided by intelligent and careful handling of your instrument.

Keep all accessories in box or tied down so they will not clatter around loose inside the case. This will not only mar the finish of your instrument but may cause serious damage to the key mechanism.

Don’t play with chewing gum in the mouth, nor right after eating candy or drinking a “soft drink.” You will blow sugar water into the instrument and when this gets on the pads you will have a lot of trouble from pads sticking.

Don’t use rubber bands to operate keys whose springs have become broken. In a short time the sulphur in the rubber band will produce a black tarnish where it contacts the instrument and will eventually eat through the finish on a plated instrument.

A piece of camphor in the case will absorb moisture and will retard corrosion and tarnish. Recommended in summer when humidity is high.

If you are one of those who blow lots of water into your instrument, you can make the pads last longer if you will blot them dry with ordinary blotting paper, especially those near the mouthpiece where the water is heaviest.

If you have a dry mouth, don’t chew gum to help the flow of saliva. The sugar in the gum will cause sticky pads. Some players are helped by putting a small, smooth pebble or other non-soluble object in the mouth. This starts the flow of saliva. Be sure to take it out before playing.