Taking Tuning Slide Out

Care should be used in removing and putting back the tuning slide. To push the tuning slide out, put your hand in between the two braces and in the center of the braces, and push the slide out with the thumb. Be sure the thumb is placed in the center of the tuning slide brace. This gives a steady, well-controlled force and distributes the pull evenly. By advancing one side of the slide more than the other side, the slide becomes cocked and stuck. Efforts to get the slide “uncocked” result in bent and kinked slides. This trouble is especially liable to happen if your model trombone has a tapered tuning slide. In the tapered slide, the inside slide goes into the bell and the outside slide goes over the inside slide attached to the bell taper.

Keep the tuning slide clean and lubricated. Use vaseline or tall’ow on the slides and they will work more freely and cause less trouble. After applying the vaseline or tallow, push the slides all the way in and wipe off the excess which squeezes out at the joint.

All of the above applies to models with tuning in the bell. If tuning is in the slides, the same precautions and methods of lubrication apply. A special warning should be added, not to try to force stuck tuning slides by using the tuning device. To keep the weight of the hand slides down, this device is made as light as possible and is meant to regulate tuning of only well lubricated, free-working slides. If the tuning slides on this type of trombone become stuck, you’ll save yourself some costly repairs if you’ll take it to a repairman. Fortunately, this type of tuning has been replaced by tuning in the bell on most models except the bass trombone.