The most common cause of slipping pegs is temperature change. Maple (the pegbox) and Ebony (Pegs) expand at different rates so they may become loose or very tight depending on the weather changes. Another possibility is that the string hole is too close to the peg box wall. When the string hole is too close, the peg cannot be pushed in far enough to hold tuning. Normal tuning can cause pegs and peg holes to go out of round, this causes slipping and must be fixed by a repairmen. Pegs can dry out causing, sticking, and can usually be corrected using Peg Dope. It is in lipstick type container, and should be used sparingly. It is strongly recommended that “Peg Drops” or chalk NOT be used as they can freeze a peg in place and cause permanent damage to the peg box when an inexperienced person attempts to free it. If you are ever unable to free a peg from the peg box by simply turning the peg by hand, do not attempt to free the peg–take the instrument to an experienced repairman. Over 95% of the broken pegs we see are caused by too much force applied to the peg. Applying excessive pressure can also cause cracks to the peg box or scroll. The amount of time for a repairman to free the peg is negligible when compared to the amount of time it may take to replace the peg or repair the scroll or peg box.