Caring for Mechanism

Proper oiling makes the keys work more quietly and makes them wear longer. Use a fine grade of light machine oil, such as key oil. Use oil sparingly, as too much oil collects dust and dirt and is worse than too little oil. A toothpick or small wire dipped in the oil will hold a tiny drop, enough for one application. Touch the tip of the toothpick or wire to the spot to be oiled. Oil bearings where key hinge joins post and where one key hinge moves against another key hinge. After oiling, work the key and wipe off any excess oil. Also apply a thin film of oil to flat and needle springs to retard rust and help give them smooth action. A bit of oil where pivot screws enter posts will retard rusting and prevent these pivot screws from becoming stuck in the post. Be sure to keep oil off the pads, as this will cause them to become hard. Hard pads are liable to leak.