General Percussion Care

Most of the neglect in caring for percussion equipment is the lack of attention to the heads and snares. This will be treated separately; however, there are a few other general suggestions which should be helpful in getting the longest possible service from your percussion equipment.

All hardware should be kept dry, and in case the equipment gets wet in an outdoor appearance or for any other reason, it should be carefully dried and wiped with a cloth with a little machine oil on it to prevent rusting. The bolts, screws, strainers and other moving parts should be kept in good working order by oiling very lightly occasionally

It is well to cover the instruments with cloths between rehearsals if they are not put away in cases, shelves or some other place that is dry. It is especially important that marimbas, xylophones, vibes and bell lyras be covered so that visitors to the band room will not be tempted to damage the surface of the bars by scratching them. It is likewise very important that the tympani be covered, using fiber discs for the heads and the regular mackintosh covers for the instruments.