Cracks and Open Seams

Check your instrument regularly for cracks and open seams. In any quality of instrument excessive dryness can cause both cracks and open seams, so humidify your instrument with an instrument humidifier and, if possible, a case humidifier–this is especially important in the winter when the heat in your home will dry out the air. It is good when a seam opens. That means that the tension has been taken off of the wood and it will not likely crack. If you have a seam open take the tension off of the strings as it will pull the wood further apart and create more stress and possibly break the wood which may destroy your instrument. Have our repairmen glue open seams and cracks as soon as possible so they do not get worse. Do not polish an instrument that has open cracks as this may make any future repairs very difficult. We will never charge you to check over your violin.